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Hi! Thank you for stopping by my production site. This is home to my stuff related to improv, film, and video production. I do animation (3ds max), shoot some video, edit it, illustrate, design, and perform in front of the camera. I did a fair amount of work with from 2012 until 2020, including working on the variety show series, HITRECORD on TV. We received an Emmy® for season one. I performed improv with a Harold team called Wood For Sheep and then performed live solo shows from home during the early days of the pandemic. I am currently focusing my creative efforts on visual art while also working as a project manager in the touring exhibitions industry.

I was born in and and again live in Springfield, Illinois after enjoying 25 years in the PNW and three in Florida. I'm a proponent of collaborating with other artists, so hit me up. Really! 

Twitter/x (rarely) & Instagram (less rarely)

Also find me on IMDB.

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